Valter Sirk



Our vineyard, located on a perfect sunny position, a marled and sandstone mould (we call it Ponka ) are, together with a long familiar tradition, guarantee of Sirk’s wines excellent quality.

Today on our farm we cultivate 6 ha of vineyards planted with 24,000 vines. We are involved in integrated cultivation, because of farming in harmony with nature. In our newly built wine cellar we annually produce 35,000 to 40,000 bottles of fine wine. Special attention is paid to indigenous varieties, because our wine is placed on originality, keen personality and friendly nature. We delight lovers of wine characteristics, structures, extreme and crazy tastes. Our wines reflect the distinct balance of taste, smell and freshness. The unique quality of these structural wines come particularly to the fore in combination with exquisite cuisine. Therefore, they are only sold in restaurants and wine shops.


In Goriška Brda, the Sirk’s family has worked in viticolture and in wine production farm for generations.

But it was in 1991 that they started their own wine production with the creation of Valter Sirk vineyard and cellar. After a preriod of growing inside the Slovenian border, now the production directs also to new inside and outside Europe markets.


Goriška brda it’s hilly region at the extrem West of Slovenia located near the Italian border.

Among the picturesque villages of this region there’s also Višnjevik. The village was mentioned for the first time in the 13th century with the history of Rittersberg castle. From the 16th century Collio has been known as a perfect region for wine and fruit coltivation So the story of Višnjevik’s wine production starts and begins in the Middle-age. The gentle village of Višnjevik is located on the top of the hill, 320 m high on the sea, over brook Reka’s valley.

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.